A start-up born from an encounter in a small corner of paradise

Toopi Organics is the fruit of the meeting of 3 entrepreneurs in 2019.


Mathieu Préel, manager of the dry toilet rental company Un Petit Coin de Paradis was confronted on a daily basis with the issue of human urine recycling .


Pierre Huguier, PhD in ecotoxicology and founder of the biocontrol company HUGGIT, and Michael Roes, founder of the biological fertilizer company Mr Organics, developed with him a microbiological process to convert urine into biofertilizer.

Every year en Europe


billion liters of human urine produced

A highly available and low cost resource, rich in micronutrients and NPK contents.


billion of litres of drinking water flushed down the toilet

Difficult to treat in wastewater treatment plants, urine pollutes and disrupts aquatic ecosystems.


million tons of chemical fertilizers used

Our agriculture is dependent on the import of non-renewable mineral and oil resources to access fertilizers that pollute our soil and groundwater.

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Toopi Organics I Recycling urine into biofertilizers

Founded in 2019 in France, Toopi Organics has developed a proprietary technology to recycle human urine and convert it into biofertilizers that are cheaper and more efficient than mineral fertilizers.

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