Cheaper and more efficient organic fertilizers

The technology developed by Toopi Organics depollutes urine and enriches it with microorganisms to provide farmers with natural, cheaper and more efficient alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

urine as efficient as fertilizers

The study under controlled conditions conducted by “Bordeaux Sciences Agro” shows that the urine-based product of Toopi Organics generates 60 to 110% more biomass on maize than a reference mineral fertilizer (pink).

Why urine-based biostimulants?

urine fertilizer urinofertilizer

A highly available natural resource

Every year, 30 billion litres of human urine are produced in France

urine biostimulant france

A nutrient-rich raw material

Urine contains NPK elements, to which we add bacteria of agronomic interest

ecological urine conversion recycling

An ecological fertilizer for the agricultural transition

Difficult to treat in wastewater treatment plants, urine can be recovered at a lower cost for organic farming

Our products

Our urine-based biostimulants are dedicated to boosting plant development and growth. Rich in bacteria of agronomic interest, they promote the assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen, allow better nutrient absorption and reduce water stress. Our products are currently the subject of a marketing authorization application.

arbopi toopi


A biostimulant for the maintenance of green spaces



A biostimulant for viticulture

What are the advantages of our products?


Proven efficacy


Cheaper than mineral fertilizers


A hygienized and safe product


Risk-free storage over time


A natural, environmentally friendly input


A local product from the circular economy

Our partners

Urine-Based Biostimulants I Urinofertilizers for Agricultural Use

Toopi Organics is a producer of urinofertilizers for agricultural use. Our urine biostimulants are more efficient and cheaper than conventional fertilizers. Enriched with plant growth-promoting bacterias, our human urine fertilizers enable the fixation NPK elements from the atmosphere and the soil.

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