urine recycling as fertilizer human waste conversion

Why collecting human urine ?

Human urine is currently considered as waste. It goes to the sewer or it is eliminated as an IMW. In one case, urine pollutes drinking water, in the other it is incinerated at 850 °, an expensive process with a high carbon impact. TOOPI Organics provides an ecological alternative: human urine is collected and transformed into biostimulants for organic farming.

Where do we collect urine ?

urine collection company medical analysis labs

Medical analysis

Urine samples left for analysis are hygienized and recycled

urine diverting toilets separation urine collection service

Public-access buildings

In retirement homes, highway areas, bars …

urine collection street urinals dry toilet renting companies

Dry toilet rental companies

In the context of festivals, events, building sites, …

How does collection work ?

urine collection service contract

Collection contract

A monthly plan adapted to your needs

human urine recycling

Canister deposit

Dedicated packaging for odorless storage

urine collection rounds


With deposit of empty canisters.

Why trusting Toopi for urine collection ?


Low recycling cost


Regular & flexible collection


Hygienic storage


Good citizenship & ecological approach


Support to local
organic farming


A step forward for a circular economy

They trust us

Urine Collection Services I Human Urine Recycling Company

TOOPI Organics provides an ecological solution to recycle human urine: pee is collected and transformed into biostimulants for organic farming through the addition of plant growth-promoting bacterias.

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