Turning human urine into a resource for agriculture and industry

An ecological solution, rooted in the circular economy, cheaper and more efficient than mineral fertilizers.

Toopi Organics Urine-based fertilizers
urine recycling company urine collection service

A clean and flexible urine collection service

We provide professionals with hygienic storage containers and adapt the frequency of collection rounds to your needs.

Big Winner « Environment and Energy Transition »

European Competition

1st Prize

Prix coup de coeur

Sustainable development and circular economy

1st Prize Aquitaine

Startup Category

1st Prize

Food Challenge Creadev

Green Tech Label

Ministry for the Ecological Transition

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Toopi Organics – Urine-based Fertilizers for Agricultural Use

Toopi Organics is a company based in France, near Bordeaux, which provides urine collection services and produces human urine-based fertilizers for agricultural use. Our urine recycling technology converts urine into natural fertilizers, in order to replace mineral fertilizers. Turning human pee into cheap and efficient biostimulants at a large scale, we aim as preserving our water resource and promote a sustainable farming model. Our mission is to produce and distribute urine biofertilizers, this is what we call, the « Peevolution ». Our urine crop fertilizers use plant growth-promoting bacterias, capable of fixing nutrients and enhance plant protection.

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