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Toopi Organics I Urine collection, recycling and upcycling into plant biostimulants for agriculture

Founded in 2019 by Michael Roes, Toopi Organics collects and upcycles human urine for agriculture. While some initiatives for recycling pee aims at creating urine-based fertilizers, Toopi manufactures urine-based biostimulants. Urine is collected by Toopi in large events, music festivals (thanks to a network of sustainable toilet rental companies and eco-friendly urinals). We also provide human urine collection services for highly-frequented toilets facilities thanks to waterless urinals (motorway rest areas, tourist sites, amusement parks, private buildings). We are also experimenting with street urinals in city centers. To recycle urine, Toopi developed a proprietary filtration and fermentation process that sanitizes urine, so that urine to be used as a culture medium for bacteria of agronomic interest. Toopi Organics is now marketing the Lactopi Start, the first urine-based biostimulant, in France and Belgium, and is developing new microbial plant biostimulants targeting phosphorus, nitrogen and water stress, with the aim of providing farmers with alternatives to mineral fertilizers and inorganic soil conditioners. Lactopi Start can be used in organic farming since 2023 in all EU member states where the product has been approved.

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