Lactopi Start

The first biostimulant based on the fermentation of human urine

Efficient, Affordable, Eco-friendly

Fermenting human urine: why ?

Raw urine

Low NPK content

per liter: 9g of N / 2g of P / 2,7g of K

17 000 L/ha

to account for 35kg of phosphorus

Fermented urine

High concentration

bacteria and micronutrients


to solubilize 35kg of phosphorus in soil


A root biostimulant to secure crop emergence & early development, and improve the efficiency of the use of soil nutrients.

The Lactopi Start is based on the fermentation of human urine with the bacterial strain Lactobacillus paracasei. Isolated from soil in the South-West of France, this rhizobacterium has 3 interesting properties to secure early-stage vegetative growth, increase the efficiency of fertilizers, and improve plant tolerance to abiotic stresses.

Solubilization of soil phosphorus

Stimulation of root growth

for enhanced uptake of water and nutrients within the rhizosphere

Stimulation of mycorrhization

Lactopi-start rooting-biostimulant starter fertilizer replacement

A safe & eco-friendly biostimulant

approved for use in organic agriculture

Toopi Organics’ filtration and fermentation process eliminates 100% of pathogens and up to 90% of micropollutants, ensuring a sanitized, stable product, safe for users and the environment.

Approved in 5 EU member states, marketed in France & Belgium

Field crops

industrial cultures



orchards Nursery ARBORICULTURE Flower crops

Lawn & Garden

In France (approval by ANSES n°1220824): Application before or at sowing : do not apply on crops whose consumable parts are in contact with the ground. Use for green spaces not authorized. In Belgium (M735.X waiver) : Lactopi Start is authorized on all crops at all growth stages, except for vegetables and fruits eaten raw, as well as herbs and fodder, where only sowing/on-sowing application is authorized.


>40 agronomic trials performed in France and Belgium

Secure rooting & early growth

root biostimulant beet urine starter fertilizer

The Lactopi Start, in addition to standard fertilization, stimulates rooting. Beet trial in Belgium with the SCAM, harvest to come in 2023.

Le Lactopi Start, en complément d’un itinéraire classique, stimule de système racinaire. Essai Maïs grain réalisé en Belgique avec la SCAM, 4 parcelles différentes, récolte 2023.

stimulate mycorrhizae

Development of mycorrhizae biostimulant urine

The Lactopi Start significantly increases the development of mycorrhizae. Maize trial in Belgium in 2022 with Etienne Allard, farmer.

Increase yield

increase yield biostimulant soy maize urine starter fertilizer

The Lactopi Start, in addition to standard starter fertilizer, improves yield. Soy trial in France (64), in 2020 with Astria.

Reduce fertilizer use & expenses

fertilizer replacement substitute urine-based biostimulant

Lactopi Start maintains yield while cutting the use of starter fertilizer by 50%. Irrigated maize trial in France (40), in 2021 with Astria.

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An affordable alternative to inorganic fertilizers

Easy to use

Dilution and application (broadcast or in-furrow spraying), at sowing up to pre-emergence, planting or at the base for perennials.


12 liters of water saved for each liter of product. Less fertilizers, to reduce your costs and carbon footprint. 


Upcycling a local and renewable natural resource produced by citizens.

Contact our distributors

The Lactopi Start is only available for professionals, in 200L packaging.

It is distributed in France by Qualifert, and in Belgium by the Société Coopérative Agricole de la Meuse (SCAM).

Lactopi Start I Urine-Based Biostimulant I Urine fermentation I Fertilizer replacement

Lactopi Start is a root biostimulant derived from the fermentation of human urine with a bacterial strain naturally present in the soil. Although urine contains NPK, Lactopi Start is not a urine-based fertilizer. It is a microbial product that can complement or partially replace fertilizers. It contains phosphate-solubilizing bacteria. Several trials have shown that Lactopi Start can replace up to 50% of phosphate-base or starter fertilizers (DAP for instance). Produced in France, Lactopi Start is approved for use in organic farming in all the European countries in which it was approved.

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