Your Urine

can change the world


and flushing, that's:


8 liters of drinkable water


the water cycle with urine, which is difficult to process in sewage treatment plants


a natural resource, rich in nutrients that can be used in agriculture


millions of EUROPEANS

who pee every day


billions of liters

of drinking water wasted per year

Changing the game

We divert & collect

human urine

Toopi uses waterless urinals for gents & ladies to collect human pee.

We filter & ferment

urine for agriculture

After sanitization, we use urine to cultivate bacteria of agronomic interest.

Collect with us

Events and festivals

An easy step to take for a greener event

We established exclusive partnerships with toilet rental companies. On site, they just need to connect our mobile tanks to their waterless urinals for ladies/gents, that’s it! At the end of the event, you receive report about your impact.

toilets with high traffic

Save water, reinforce your CSR policy

We can set up our waterless system in sites generating over 10,000 liters of urine per year (tourist sites, motorway service areas, etc.). We ensure the collection and maintenance of the sewage system, and train the cleaning teams. We remotely monitor the urine tanks to be able to collect right on time.

Street urinals

For cleaner and greener city centers

We have been collecting urine in Toulouse since 2021 through a partnership with “the Alchimistes”, a young social impact company dedicated to the upcycling of biowaste. In the city center of Toulouse, they operate a fleet of street urinals, which are collected by bike.

Let's work together

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Toopi Organics is a company specializerd in urine diversion and urine collection. We then upcycle pee into plant biostimulants for agriculture. For festivals and events, we partner with toilet rental companies that operate waterless urinals for gents and ladies. We have a partnership to collect urine in urban areas, using male or female urinals. Finally, we can set up our green urinals in high-traffic sites, such as motorway rest areas, tourist sites and large facilities. As part of our urine separation services, we only recycle human pee.

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