Lactopi Start: exciting results in Belgium with the SCAM

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In early 2023, Lactopi Start was applied to nearly 400 hectares of crops in Belgium through a distribution partnership with the SCAM coop.

At the end of September, our team visited farmers along with Etienne Tavier, the head of specialty fertilizers at the SCAM, to sample sugar beet and maize fields. The outcome was very positive:

+11% cob yield per hectare

Early sampling conducted in July 2023 demonstrated superior root development with the Lactopi Start. Compared to standard fertilization (top), the addition of 25L of Lactopi Start per hectare (bottom) resulted in a 11% cob yield increase per hectare (sampling across 2 plots, harvest in late September 2023).  A gain of 2 tons of dry matter per hectare was also noted.

Beet: +12% sugar yield per hectare

sugar beet belgium efficacy SCAM lactopi start biostimulant
Similar to corn, early sampling in July 2023 demonstrated better root development with the Lactopi Start (left panel). At harvest, a 10% increase in root yield was observed, as well as a 12% increase in sugar yield (sugar analysis performed by the Râperie de Longchamps).

"Since early samples at juvenile stage performed this summer, we have been observing a significant improvement in terms of rooting and plant vigor. Overall, we noted that the leaf system was more developped, the plants better resisted heat waves, and were doing better".

Following these very encouraging results, we are eager to assess the pre-emergence and rooting of  winter crops. Indeed, SCAM farmers applied Lactopi Start to 400 hectares at the end of summer, with a strong focus on rapeseed crops.

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