Toopi Organics, winner of the i-Lab 2021 competition of excellence!

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On 9 July 2021 in Loupiac-De-La-Réole (33190), the Toopi Organics team will be the winner of the 23rd edition of the largest innovation competition, i-Lab. The French start-up specialising in the valorisation of human urine has once again received funding to develop an innovative agricultural solution for the inoculation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria from human urine.


After winning some fifteen innovation awards since its creation, including the French Tech Green 20 programme, and the i-Nov competition in the “Agro-Efficient Agriculture” category, Toopi Organics is moving forward at top speed and has been boosted once again by the i-Lab competition.

The CAPT’UR project: Development of the first recurrent inoculation technique for microbial biostimulants based on human urine.

The main challenge of the CAPT’UR project is to promote the maintenance of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil and thus significantly increase their impact by studying the effect of successive inoculations at several stages of plant development and over several years. This innovative technique has the enormous potential to solve the problem of nitrogen management in agriculture. The work carried out during this project will enable TOOPI Organics to :

1/ validate the agronomic effectiveness of new biostimulant application techniques, which could increase their performance

2/ propose nitrogen-fixing biostimulants that are efficient and economical enough to significantly replace mineral nitrogen fertilisers and thus revolutionise our entire cropping system.


“Being part of the projects representing French Deep Tech is a huge satisfaction for the whole Toopi Organics team. The grant awarded will enable us to accelerate our development in the R&D area. This financial support should also allow us to approach our future fundraising in 2022 in good conditions.

Michael ROES, President & Co-founder of Toopi Organics


Numerous societal, economic and environmental impacts:

The model based on the production of biostimulants that reduce the use of mineral nitrogen and enhance the value of human urine via a circular and local economy responds to many global issues. The ambition of TOOPI Organics is to meet the objectives of the European Green Deal in terms of fertilisation, i.e. to reduce the use of fertilisers by at least 20% by 2030.


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