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Effective and environmentally friendly urino-sourced biostimulants.

agricultural product

The first urino-sourced biostimulant in the world

LACTOPI START®/ LACTIPI PLUS® are urino-sourced all-crop biostimulants based on Lactobacillus paracasei lactic acid bacteria. They solubilise phosphorus retained in the soil and stimulate plant and root development.
For the farmer :
Varied use on field crops, vines, market gardening, industrial crops... Secures the start-up and optimizes the efficiency of fertilizers, especially phosphate. A very competitive cost/efficiency ratio on the fertilization market
For the environment :
Large volumes of drinking water saved by recovering urine at the source - Reduced pollution of waterways downstream of wastewater treatment plants through urine recovery - A very favorable carbon footprint (only 0.085 kg eqCO2/L - ACV Ecodev 29/12/2020)

Improvement of root growth

Horticulture Greenhouse trial – Villenave d’Ornon – France – 2020

The application of  Lactopi Start® at a concentration of 20L/ha in addition to an under-fertilization of -25% shows a much better root development than the control fertilized at 100%

Improvement of plant nutrition and performance

Maize – Micro plot trial  – Meilhan – France  – 2021

Lactopi Start® improves phosphorus assimilation at crop start-up

products in development

Toopi Organics is actually working on the development of new products

Biostimulation products urino-sourced:

AZOPI® N-fixation and nutrient use efficiency

CHLOROPI® Abiotic stress resistance

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