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Effective and environmentally friendly urino-sourced biostimulants.

agricultural product

The first urino-sourced biostimulant in the world

LACTOPI START is an all-crop urino-sourced biostimulant based on Lactobacillus paracasei lactic bacteria. It solubilizes phosphorus retained in soils and stimulates the development of plants and roots
The advantages for the farmer :
Varied use on field crops, vines, market gardening, industrial crops... Secures the start-up and optimizes the efficiency of fertilizers, especially phosphate. A very competitive cost/efficiency ratio on the fertilization market
The advantages for the environment:
Large volumes of drinking water saved by recovering urine at the source - Reduced pollution of waterways downstream of wastewater treatment plants through urine recovery - A very favorable carbon footprint (only 0.085 kg eqCO2/L - ACV Ecodev 29/12/2020)

products in development

Toopi Organics is actually working on the development of new products
Toopi Organics is actually working on the development of new products

Biostimulation products/urino-sourced antibiotics:

Atmospheric nitrogen fixation of cereals to gain nitrogen autonomy and limit the use of fossil fuels
Atmospheric nitrogen fixation to benefit from efficient, stable and competitive soybean inoculant from local human urine

Biocontrol products made from urine:

Biofungicide against common diseases of grapevine, wheat and vegetable crops with an excellent efficiency/price ratio
Bioinsecticide against soil pests, in particular wireworms, to offer sustainable and alternative solutions to synthetic chemistry

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