Avelana, an impact investment company, enters the capital of Toopi Organics

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Loupiac de la Réole, Decembre, 15th 2022 – Toopi Organics, an innovative start-up specializing in the recycling and recovery of human urine into biosolutions for use in agriculture, has announced that the impact investment company Avelana has joined its capital.

Avelana enters the capital of Toopi Organics and becomes the first investor alongside the founder and the management team. Avelana will bring its support to the good development of the company through its active place in the strategic committee in synergy with the other members. In addition to this direct contribution to the company’s capital and governance, Avelana is also committed alongside other impact investors by contributing €1.1 million to the “Social Impact Contract” labelled by ADEME in 2021, enabling Toopi Organics to complete the round of financing for this contract and to benefit from a €3.5 million subsidy for the separative collection of human urine.

This partnership was born from a meeting between Michael ROES, founder of Toopi Organics, and Antoine CHAMUSSY and Olivier SAINT GIRONS, founders of Avelana. Sharing values and a common vision on how entrepreneurship can be put at the service of the common good, it seemed obvious to them to unite their wills and means to make Toopi Organics a champion of human urine recovery and an inspiring model of profitable enterprise at the service of the ecological transition.

“Toopi Organics transforms a waste product into a resource, urine. The potential for agricultural development is huge and is fully in line with the transition to a regenerative and resilient agriculture. Toopi Organics is thus at the heart of Avelana’s mission to develop companies serving the agro-ecological transition. We are very happy to join quality investors and proud to accompany Toopi Organics and its experienced and committed teams in their mission”.

Olivier SAINT GIRONS, Co-founder & CEO of Avelana


“Choosing Avelana means choosing an investor who, beyond his financial contribution, is a precious support for the ambitious trajectory of Toopi Organics. The entrepreneurial experience of its founders, their benevolent rigor and their financial culture already show, since 5 months that we work on this partnership, an effect of acceleration on our organization. On the eve of a major fundraising, this is precious and bodes well for the future. We are very proud of this promising partnership at the service of the ecological transition.

Alexandra CARPENTIER, Managing Director of Toopi Organics


About Avelana

Founded by committed entrepreneurs, Avelana is an impact investment and entrepreneurship company whose mission is to create and grow impact companies led by visionary and inspiring founders committed to the fight against climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and the regeneration of ecosystems.



About Toopi Organics

Toopi Organics is a start-up specializing in the recycling, processing and valorization of human urine into products for agriculture and industry. Toopi Organics was founded in February 2019 and currently employs 22 full-time employees. The company is labeled by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (Green20), the Ministry of Agriculture (Agri20) and benefits from EIT FAN.



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