Urine collection: Toopi strengthens its partnership with the Futuroscope Theme Park (2 million visitors per year)

Toopi Vinci highway-rest areas urine collection urinals

On May 23rd 2023, the Futuroscope theme park, the cleaning company GSF Athéna and Toopi Organics, held a joint press conference about the urine collection experiment launched in 2021 at the Futuroscope Park. The partners announced the consolidation of this upcycling initiative, with now 4 sanitary blocks equipped for the collection of urine, and with the prospect of adapting all the restooms of the park for urine recycling.

With almost 2 million visitors per year, the Futuroscope Park has a collection potential of 1.5 million liters of urine, and could thus save 15 million liters of water for the Park.

Read the joint press release


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